"Why do businesses put websites online that look like boring brochures? Why do communicators ask for a complex website, when a landing page to a live event would be far more effective? Why are people only branding their products and not themselves (or vice versa)? Why why, WHY?"

People who know me a little bit, can't ignore the fact that I'm the one asking piercing questions. And I always teach professionals them to answer these questions themselves. To re-invent themselves. To re-invent their products and services. Just like I have done all my life.

I've been online since 1994. With 3,5 inch floppies and all. I designed and programmed websites, create visual content, wrote blogposts since 2002. I worked with and for multinationals, mid-size companies and charity organizations in the Netherlands and other European countries. And with freelancers. Great people with awesome ideas. I started public speaking in 2005 (my first gig was the governmental ISPwijzer Convention in The Hague, for teachers and decision makers. It was about making use of online possibilities in their classrooms. It was all about blogging, wikis, podcasts and the bright new Facebook back then, eleven years ago.  Time flies when you're having fun.

In 2006, my business OnlineComm Academy launched. With more than 22 years of experience online (today in 2016), I have won awards doing this work. For blog articles (2007), as Twitterer of the Year (2009, Dutch competition), for creating the Most Inspiring Learning Journey in my online courses about online strategy and social media (2015). I launched the first online course on social media in Europe in 2010, with over 575 training videos in 25 online courses. And my TEDx talk on how to build a resilient life after overcoming hardship as a child is very dear to me. My two books on this topic as well. They are, in a way, my children. My new (and third) book 'Live Your Talks' was launched on March 31st 2016 at the Netherlands Embassy in Ireland, on their invitation. This was during the TEDxBinnenhof viewing event. I was also the presenter and keynote speaker during that event.

Today, I'm speaking and teaching internationally (online and in real life) at conventions, masterclasses and in in-company sessions. I also provide sessions via video livestreaming. And every once in a while, I take a few weeks of work. Like last May: four weeks vacay. I lived completely offline the whole time. #OfflineIsTheNewBlack. And I loved it!

My new program is all about inventing ideas and concepts, creating them, and getting the project done. Achieving. Thriving. This is what I have had to learn myself, ever since I had to build a life for myself from a very young age. I have developed my method for inventing ideas and that didn't exist before, creating them, bringing them to life and completing them. Examples: Three published books, 25 online courses, 1 TEDx Talk. I could go on. But the program isn't about me. It's about all those ideas that are craving to see the light of day. All those amazing ideas that are still only in the hearts and minds of so many innovative and creative professionals, instead of thriving in the world. This stops now: let's release those ideas, create awesome projects. Make them thrive! 



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