I am grateful to have the privilege of working with amazing people and organizations with wholehearted missions:


Martèn de Prez
Jojanneke creates inspiring learning journeys.
— Martèn de Prez, directeur A New Spring B.V.

Being in Jojanneke’s online program was like having a relaxed talk at her kitchen table. But every time, you discover that you have learned a whole lot in just ten minutes time.”

”I have gotten to know Jojanneke as a decisive cooperative project partner, who is passionate about her profession and has an enormous drive to get me to thrive. The combination of empathy, strategic approach, perseverance, result orientation and a dose of personal involvement , made it possible for me to take rapid and adequate steps. Exactly ingredients, uch as flexibility, diversity and freedom of choice, were very attractive for me to work with Jojanneke. For me, this was a good basis to continue to achieve progress in my business. “
— Stephanie Vigh van Ujváros
Jojanneke is a phenomenon. She’s a creative and enthusiastic trainer who inspires and challenges. Because of the unique program I did with Jojanneke, I’ve upped my skills as an online communication and social media advisor! I can well integrate online and offline communication and I have more fun in my business now.
— Inge Pastoor, independent senior communications consultant

Hi Jojanneke,
I just want to let you know how grateful I am for the more than great workshop I received from you. I am still a little perplexed by the enormous dedication with which you have guided me through all assignments. Time passed so quickly during our day together, and you didn’t lose your focus or attention for one single minute.
I also think you used the cards from the assignment quite cleverly, for telling my personal story while improvising. I have listened to the story several times now, and it always resonates with me very deeply. It calms me, and it carries the truth: indeed, this is who I am and that’s how it is. It gives me strength to calmly handle what I have to / want to do, and to trust that I am on the right path…because it’s mine.
— Jeanine Schreurs

Jojanneke’s course in Online Strategy and Social Media provides me, while learning at my own pace, a complete picture of the possibilities of online communication and all do’s and don’ts. With all Jojanneke’s online and offline enthusiasm, technical knowledge and humor, this program is a great (and fun) way to gain knowledge, build skills and share experiences.
— Caroline Verhees, Vivaz Communicatie

I met Jojanneke when I enrolled in her program on Online Communications and Social Media. Jojanneke is an enthusiastic, creative and driven professional. She encourages people to think outside their comfort zone. She dares you to do things you have not previously done or that you find exciting. Jojanneke’s creativity was reflected in the brainstorming sessions we have had. Jojanneke moves easily in organizations, switches roles, activities and projects of all participants, is jam packed with ideas and sees a lot of opportunities.
— Janneke Hartemink, Universiteit Utrecht

‘Jojanneke just knows so much about social media: smart strategies, useful tips, an incredible amount of the application of tools. And all that knowledge and experience will be poured over you during the course with great enthusiasm! The combination of e-learning and real life meetings has also given me a lot of inspiration and motivation and I can wholeheartedly recommend taking Jojanneke’s course to everyone! ‘
— Marjan Schaapman, MS Communicatie


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