When I was fourteen years old, my parents died within five months of each other. 
Long story short: it was horrible, I felt lonely as hell and had absolutely no idea what to do. I had to start my life from scratch. In this book, I share 24 true stories about what happened during the 15 years after becoming an orphan.

These stories are particularly valuable for people around orphans. It answers questions such as:

✔ What should I say to an orphaned child?
✔ Is it healthy for my children to hang out with their orphaned friend?
✔ What can I do for an orphaned child in my own community, without making promises I can't keep?
✔ What are essential things an orphaned child needs?
✔ How can schools respond more appropriately to an orphaned child's needs?
✔ Should we change anything in our municipality for orphans?
✔ Why is it that we don't really know about these orphans in our Western communities?

This book is published in the Netherlands and has reached influencers in Ireland, the UK and the US as well.

The first 2 editions of this book have sold out. The 3rd edition will be available on Amazon in February 2019.